Laravel and AngularJS


  • Laravel 5.1
  • AngularJS: 1.4.4
  • Bootstrap: 3.3   (4 soon)
  • jQuery: 2.1.4

The main objective of this book is to address the best web development technologies on the market today. On the web, we are always splitting the systems development into two parts: server and client.

On the server, we will cover the programming language PHP 5.4, and the framework Laravel, in addition to the MySql database. We chose Laravel because it is a simple and powerful framework, with a growing acceptance in the market.

On the client, we have the Javascript language, which has consolidated its position as the best programming language for browsers. As a framework, we chose the AngularJS, which makes all the manipulation of data in forms and tables much easier. We also have the CSS, in which we use the Bootstrap framework to facilitate the development of web applications interface.

Even with two different technologies, their integration is entirely possible and this will be the main theme discussed throughout the chapters. Note that we will not introduce the two technologies in a separate way, but always addressing how the technologies interact. The communication between them is RESTful, and we will be using it extensively for the development of our final application.

After addressing the main concepts of both technologies, we will create a small blog that will illustrate everything we learned.