Laravel 5.3 For Beginners


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Laravel 5.3 For Beginners is oriented to beginning and intermediate PHP programmers who want to learn the Laravel Framework.  Over 700 pages of step by step content. In the book, we build a sample application that covers the following:

  • One-click Facebook Registration
  • Full Access Control
  • Datagrid with column sorts, powered by Vue.js
  • Image Management with Intervention Image Package
  • Chart.js integration with Vue 2
  • Elixir Asset Management

The sample app is written with simple, practical code that is explained in granular detail. You’ve probably heard a lot of great things about Laravel and they are all true.  You will love working with Laravel!

Laravel 5.3 For Beginners is written and maintained by Bill Keck, an author with a passion for writing and PHP frameworks.  His books and blogs are read by programmers all over the world.  He strives to help programmers new to the Laravel framework understand it, with clear and full implementations, so that everyone can take advantage of the amazing Laravel PHP framework.