Laravel Basics: Creating Web Apps. It’s Simple.

This book is an exploration of Laravel, which is a framework for web application development. The first part of the book explains to you what Laravel is and how it can be used for the development of apps. Laravel supports the implementation and use of notifications. This book guides you on how to implement notifications in your application. The various types of notifications, including mail notifications, database notifications, broadcast notifications, SMS notifications, and slack notifications are all discussed, and you are guided on how to implement these in your application. Lack attachments are also explored. You are guided on how to deal with notification events. Custom channels are also examined in detail, along with event broadcasting. Laravel 5.3 has improved this feature, which was still supported in the earlier versions of Laravel. The necessary drivers for this are discussed and you are guided on how to install them. You will also learn how to listen for the broadcast events and how to authorize the use of the channels. You should learn to define broadcast events, and this book guides you in this. Broadcast data should be handled carefully. You are excellently guided in this. Authentication, especially on the user part, is of great importance. This book guides you on how to implement this using the Laravel Passport. The necessary drivers for you to work with this are explored, and you will be taught how to install them. You have also been guided on how to generate and write the mailables.

The following topics are discussed in this book:

– What is Laravel?
– Notifications
– Event/ WebSockets Broadcasting
– Laravel Passport
– Mailable Objects

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Laravel Basic Level For Everybody

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