Welcome to Laravel-Books.com!

Hi you! This is the first post here in the Laravel-Books.com News section. I, the for now nameless creator, created Laravel-Books.com last week, Friday, as a small expercise in building a website with content from scratch. I hope Laravel-Books.com will  become the one and definitive resource for information on Laravel Books and Ebooks, in English and all other languages.

For now there are pretty standard lists of books and ebooks for Laravel 5, Laravel 4 and even the ancient Laravel 3. Many are available as ebooks in PDF, EPUB or MOBI format but also as good old paperpack books delivered by mail. The plan is to add all information on these books and also create some original content like reviews, interviews and so on – let’s see what I come up with.

While researching these books I discovered that there are also loads of translated and original (!) books in many different languages: French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Serbian, Portuguese, Polish, … and I’m quite sure this is not the end of it. For now these books are listed as International Books, but will soon find their own language specific sub pages.

The site now also has a fancy Twitter account, this post should actually be the first tweet appearing there. So let’s try that.

In the next few days I will continue working on the content, so please check back if you are interesting in finding some more Laravel books.